Author's interior design

Interior design is a creative process that includes aesthetic, visual and spatial planning of space. Many interiors work on their own, as independent contractors. Modern interior design is not just the shape of the room and its decoration. The author’s interior design is innovation, originality and excellent taste. Why should the author’s interior design be ordered? Today, the use of details that emphasize the decoration of the room is considered fashionable trends in the field of interior creation. Such details can be painting on the wall or beautiful gypsum stucco molding, which seems to return a certain tradition, but keeps up with the times. When creating your own original design, you should pay attention to the colors that will dominate the room. You should choose pastel colors that will not cause irritation and bring comfort to your apartment. If you want to get such an atmosphere that will have a beneficial effect on your mood, pay attention to the fact that the furniture in the room should correspond to the total color scheme. At the same time, you can place accents in certain places of the room. How? Everything is very simple, because using the innovations in the lighting system, you can achieve a stunning effect. You can also use some contrasting attributes that will create harmony in the premises. Author design of the interior to lovers of modern technology. The design remains less popular, which is fans of modern technology. Professionals will help you create a room in which the traditional interior and modern gadgets will harmoniously fit. In the case of office premises, as a rule, cold strict shades and minimalism in the decor are used. Simplicity should be elegant, and therefore it is best to shift the accents on convenient, but strict furniture. If you are full of new ideas, but do not know how to express them, refer to professional designers that are engaged in interior development. A good designer will help to deal with color, as well as sketchs of your room. You can also see options in designer catalogs or ask to create an author’s interior design according to your tastes and addictions. You can create a room where even in the absence of you as the owner your character and temperament will be read. สล็อตวิดีโอ Opera Dynasty ทดลองเล่นได้แล้วกับ PGSLOT