Nios Admission 2019 For Class 10th, Class 12th, Fees in Delhi

Nios Exam Fees Form Information 2019-2020

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ADMISSION IN NIOS  CLASS 10th, 12th FOR 2019-20. 

Nios Admission 2019 for class 10th, class 12th in Delhi – Nios admission 2019 is another way of schooling via Distance learning. In this every student enrolled can complete the basic schooling education without attending a regular school. The focus of Parents now a days have shifted from school education to Professional Education. They want Profession oriented courses like vocational courses, sports career, computer programmer courses and more. Now they don’t want their children to waste time in regular schooling. . Therefore now the Nios Admission for school education is the best way to achieve secondary class 10th and senior secondary class 12th Qualification certificates.  Again it is a boon for school fail or school dropout students, who are out from regular schooling due to failure in school final exams. All these students can also apply for Nios admission class 10th or Nios admission class 12th in NIOS Delhi according to their previous qualifications.

Who can Apply for NIOS ADMISSION class 10th or class 12th in Nios Delhi.

All of you who have not yet passes class 10th or class 12th can apply for Nios admission class 10th or class 12th according to your earlier qualifications as

  1. If you are a regular school going student but now want to complete your education from NIOS BOARD. Also All school dropouts or students unsuccessful in school final exams in primary classes 7th, 8th or 9th than they can apply for NIOS ADMISSION CLASS 10th. For all the information of Nios class 10th, 10th admission, 10th class admission and Nios secondary admission contact us.
  2.  If you are class 10th passed but either left the school earlier or didn’t qualify the class 11th in school final exams you are eligible to apply for direct admission in class 12th in NIOS BOARD. For other information relating to Nios 12th admission or Nios senor secondary admission and Nios Admission for 12th class last date contact us.

 NIOS ADMISSION 2019 10th Admission, 12th Admission in Delhi.

Nios is one of the greatest distance school boards established through ministry of the HRD govt. of India in the year 1989. Nios has been offered authority throughout by the government of India to conduct public exam as well as provide secondary and senior secondary level certificates to students. These certificates are equivalent to the certificates provided by CBSE and also ICSE any other state boards. Nios takes a rewarding step in order to provide a great quality education for the school drop outs school failures. In addition, Nios is amid the three reputed boards, when the other two are CBSE and ICSE.

Why Kapoor Study Circle For NIOS ADMISSION 2019 class 10th 12th in Delhi.

Kapoor Study Circle Is No-1 And Best Nios Institution and Nios school in Delhi for NIOS ADMISSION. Working Over The Last Several Years We run Nios center in Delhi for Nios Admission Guidance. At our Nios Admission center we guide students for Nios application , Nios Admission Fees, Nios Admission last date, Nios for date, last date for Nios 12th admission that is Nios senior Secondary, Nios 10th Admission that is Nios secondary. With Our Help And Guidance Thousands Of school Fail And Dropout Students Have Passed Class 10th, 12th With Confidence. They all are now Successfully Living Their Life. We Help & guide You For Your Admission In Class 10th Or 12th According To Your Previous Qualifications To The Following Steams.

So you can Apply now for Nios senior Secondary, Nios Secondary, Nios 12th Admission, Nios class 10th admission as 10th, 12th admission 2019 are going on. You Can check the details for Nios admission for 12th class last date, Nios 10th Admission last and all about Nios Admission 2019 last date.

Nios Admission 2019 Class 10th, 12th for Current school fail students :

In this  All the the students looking for admission in class 10th or 12th for the first time can apply. In other words the students fail in class 9th or school Dropouts can apply for 10th and 11th fail students can apply for 12th For Nios admission, Who are going to appear for class 10th or 12th for the first time. Nios Admission for these students is divided into two Blocks, Block 1 for students who want to appear in Public exams in the month of March/April. Block 2 admissions for public exam in September/October every year.

 If You Want Admission in this category Contact Us Immediately Our Councilors Will Help & guide You In Your NIOS ADMISSION Procedure And coaching Classes For Board Exam Preparation.

Nios Admission 2019 for 10th,  12th Class fail Students:

This Stream Is Only For The Students who appeared for board exams for class 10th or 12th but Failed. All students appeared in Board exams from any board recognized in India but failed can apply for this stream. The most beneficial feature for 10th, 12th fail students  is that the student can appear once again within the same year in board exam of NIOS in fail subjects only. This saves Every Student’s One Precious Year and they Have not To wait for Re-Appear In The Next Year.

There fore Nios Admission Stream-2 Is The Way To Save a Year’s time. Under This Stream the Credit Transfer Scheme  Nios The Subjects In Which The Student Is Pass (maximum two subjects) Are Transfer To Nios Board. As a result The Student Has To Appear In minimum three Fail subjects  Subjects Only Within The Same Year.

Nios board Admission

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Nios Admission 2019 for on Demand for students fail in class 10th or 12th.

This Stream is NIOS ADMISSION STREAM -3 for class 10th and NIOS ADMISSION STREAM-4 for class 12th. With the popular name NIOS ON DEMAND EXAM it helps students To Appear In The Nios Board Exams When they are sure about their preparations for the exams. In this students can apply any time through out the year except for the month of April and October.

Only the students fail in class 10th or class 12th board exams can apply for these two streams. Also they can avail the facility of credit transfer and can appear only for fail subjects when they want. These Streams Reduces Your Exam Stress And Burden on class 10th or 12th students. Now it is very easy for them to pass class 10th or 12th with NIOS ON DEMAND EXAM.

Join Our NIOS COACHING CLASSES FOR CLASS 12th & CLASS 10th For Sure Success In Exams.

We Also Provide Coaching Classes for Nios at our centers in Delhi. Our coaching centers are at Rohini, Pitam pura, shalimar bagh, Punjabi Bagh south Delhi . Our Teachers Are Highly-Skilled, Experienced, And Professionals In Imparting Knowledge To The Students. We Have Taught Thousands Of Students Of Different Potential To Achieve The High Marks In The Board Examination.

You Can Join Our Special Coaching Classes In The Morning, Evening And Week-Ends For Your Sure Success In Exam.

Our Intensive Preparation Will Make You Regain Your Self-Confidence Completely. So When You Face The  Board Exams, It Becomes Easy For You To Answer All The Questions Correctly. You Pass 12th Standard Cbse Exam Happily And Pursue Your Future Plan.

Whatever It Is – Whether Further Studies Or Seeking Employment After Getting Some Technical Qualification.

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