How to overcome stress of class 12 board exams

How to overcome stress from class 12 board examinations

The Central Board of Secondary Education has already announced the examination schedules for class twelve students studying under the CBSE Board. The students who are about to appear for their board examination must focus on scheduling their everyday study and revision time so that they can achieve greatness with the final examination.

The most important academic year for every class twelve student

This particular class twelve CBSE board exam is considered to be the important year and examination for every other student, as it is going to decide their near future based upon the marks, which they are about to obtain from the examination. With class twelve board examinations ahead, every other school going student is about to finish their higher secondary education and about to pursue their higher studies in colleges and universities that are located all over India. Until now, examinations were only considered to be ranking up and getting to the next class level, but with class twelve board examination, the marks that are scored by a student is about to change their lives and it is highly important for them to focus more on revising the subjects and planning accordingly to face the upcoming board examinations.

The stress upon students

Every other CBSE student faces a high level of stress during their class twelve days. This is because of the revision methods that let the students learn and revise every other chapter in a subject for multiple times. Although these revision methods can help them scoring good rank, end of the day the students are facing a higher level of stress, which should be there at first place. This kind of stress can be handled only with the help of parents. A firm support from the parents can help the students attain good marks and pass over the stress with ease.

How to remove stress?

In order to stay away from the final minute stress that happens for every other student, who is about to appear for class 12th CBSE board examination, the parents must help their child to plan and study accordingly. For example, let the child study for particular hours of time and make sure they have leaned them well, and then give some space for them to have their own time. They can play their favorite games, listen to music or any other activity that lets them stay away from stress. This type of indulging in multiple activities and studying at the same time helps the students to face any kind of stress that happens while preparing for their board examinations.

Preparing systematically for the class twelve board examinations

One needs to plan and study accordingly to achieve good marks at their class twelve board examination. For example, a student can study or revise various subjects by creating a plan that lets them focus more on subjects which they are in weak with. If at all a student has learned most of the chapters on a particular subject, then they can limit the time to revise them, while considering to learn other new subjects at the same time. This type of time management shall help a student to stay away from stress, score good marks and make their parents proud at the same time.

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