CBSE Open School Admission form 12th Class Delhi Last Date

12th CBSE Open School Admission Form Delhi- CBSE Open Board


CBSE Open School Admission Form 12th in Delhi is an Action of CBSE board to provide education to every student in society. CBSE Open School Admission class 12th is a part of this program as a result of this CBSE Open School Admission 12th in Delhi is going on. Students can apply for direct admission in CBSE Open Board For class 12th. Parents dream of sending their children to schools so that they can get a proper education.

Getting quality education is not just about enrolling in a good school; it is how education shapes the overall personality and outlook of a student. There is no doubt that education is an important aspect of a student’s life, and CBSE Open School schools have taken the initiative to improve the literacy rate in India.

CBSE Open School – Eligibility for Class 12th Admission in CBSE Open School Board

CBSE Open School Form 12th – Eligibility for class 12th admission for CBSE Open Board is Different from CBSE regular schooling. In Regular schooling eligibility for registration for class 12th every student must pass class 11th school exams. But here the eligibility is different that is if the student is 11th fail or 10th pass with one year gap are allowed for 12th admission in CBSE Open School. Hence it is the most important feature of CBSE Open Board that now everyone who wants to study without attending regular schooling can also get literate.

CBSE Open School Admission Class 12th - Admission Process


cbse open school admission 12th

Admission Process of CBSE OPEN SCHOOL class 12th is an online as well as offline process. Students interested in 12th admission can contact us for all other information like subjects selection, coaching classes and more. Enrolling in CBSE Open schools offer full flexibility to the students as they are free to attend weekday, weekend classes according to their convenience. Students can also take guidance from the staff of Kapoor Study Circle and they don’t have to pay a huge amount of money to take admission in the private schools. Hence the cost of admission and classes is lesser than the Cost of regular schooling in Delhi.

CBSE Open School Admission Form Last Date for Class 12th.

CBSE Open School Admission Form 12th last date for Admission 

CBSE Open School admission Period starts from the month of March every year after the declaration of final results of students for school final exams. In other words it starts with the academic year every year. All about admission date, last date for admission in CBSE Open School for class 12th is given in the table below. You can check CBSE Open Board admission class 12th last date, CBSE Open last date, CBSE Open school Admission for last date for class 12th.

CBSE Open School admission Form last Date

CBSE Open School Admission 12th CBSE Open Last date of Admission Exams date
All exams in March every year with regular school students

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