MBA E-commerce Marketing Management Admission Distance education Learning 2023-2024

MBA E-commerce Marketing & Management Admission 2023-2024 Distance education learning

"MBAE-commerce-Marketing-Management-Admission"MBA E-commerce Marketing Management Admission – It is no exaggeration to comment that eCommerce will be the only source of Commercial Business in the future. We are already seeing the symptoms today, where even middle-class people and villagers have started buying online products for day-to-day use. Just by pressing some buttons on the Handphone, one can get what they want readily without delay and delivered to their doorsteps. No commuting; no roaming from shop to shop in the Bazaar; and carrying back all the bought-out items home.

There is an exclusive E-world called the Internet to cater to the needs of people of all the world countries, and this new world has come to people’s fingertips. Behind this Technology-oriented world on screen, there are people who “operate” this world through Computer Software after gaining knowledge by formulating a website, which will answer all the queries, demands, and doubts raised by the users – from nowhere!

As of today, 1.5 billion Websites are operating on the Internet. Almost 90% of them are e-commerce sites. You can imagine how much of “Professionals” with skills in Ecommerce Marketing are needed to work behind these Websites and meet the needs of consumers worldwide!

Sensing this considerable requirement well, in the last ten years, Colleges and Universities have inducted into their Programmes, Graduate and Post-graduate Courses in Ecommerce Marketing. Because this Course has plenty of career opportunities in every country, including India, Students are eager to study this Master of Business Administration in Ecommerce Marketing and Management.

What is MBA E-commerce Marketing and Management Course?

Every business cannot do without proper Marketing. That said, eCommerce Marketing is entirely different from real-life Marketing. The techniques and strategies differ since the Consumers are all over the world. Following these strategies require basic knowledge about Computer Technology and the nuances and intricacies of Internet operation.

Yet the plus factor is accessing millions of Customers individually within seconds is feasible here. As such, Customer Contact for effective Marketing should be learned thoroughly through systematic Coaching.

Also, E-commerce Marketing requires instant decision-making, as the time of attention to Marketing and “Sales Talk” is very limited to lure the customer to buy the products. Again, the Master of Business Administration in E-commerce will have to guide, control, and administer a team of Software Engineers. They handle Software Solutions developed to market the Products – when taking up the Manager of Marketing Ecommerce in an Organization.

The Course curricula are devised in such a way to impart appropriate training in the Techniques of Ecommerce to the Students to take complete control of an Online Business. The Skills of strategic thinking and planning Online Business Management; Effective and Efficient Marketing; Supply Chain Management. The other topics are Operational Research; Online Advertising to promote and popularize the Business; Strategies to achieve “Customer Confidence” to increase and expand the business to manifold proportions, etc. are to be taught to the students.

Study “Projects” of Model Online Businesses will be given to practice the Skills and Knowledge obtained in Ecommerce Businesses. This way, the Student can get Hands-On training in handling the Technological aspects of Online Marketing, the scope, practices, and means of assessing Customer behavior, and how to achieve Customer Confidence in the Products offered by the Online Business.

MBA E-commerce Marketing & Management Eligibility, Admission Process and duration

"mba-e-commerce-distance-education"Arising out of the high demand for this MBA Ecommerce Marketing and Management Course, many Colleges and Universities offer this Course – both Full Time Courses and Distance Education Mode.

MBA Ecommerce Marketing and Management is a two-year master’s degree program divided into four semesters. The syllabus and exam pattern is the same for the students either studying it in regular mode or Distance education learning mode from any University.

For Regular MBA Ecommerce Marketing and Management Courses, students must qualify for the CET exam and the Common Entrance Exams like CAT, CMAT, MAT, etc. But for the MBA Ecommerce Marketing and Management course Admission in Distance education learning, students can apply directly on the website of the University offering MBA Ecommerce Marketing and Management in Distance education learning or correspondence mode.

Eligibility for MBA Ecommerce Marketing and Management Admission for regular Course is 50% marks in Graduation with good merit scores in CET, the common entrance exam. For MBA Ecommerce Marketing and Management Admission in Distance learning education courses, eligibility in Some universities is a graduation degree with 45% to 50% marks.

Scope for MBA E-commerce Marketing and Management Course: 

The fact remains that, as of date, Ecommerce Businesses require Skilled Professionals to run their Online Businesses efficiently and effectively so that the Goals of Return On Investment are achieved, as envisaged. The Competition prevailing is stiff because of the enormous number of websites vying with each other in a rat race.

Rewards are high if the Strategies are implemented with Business acumen with a complete understanding of the Tactics to be adopted. Ecommerce Marketing can succeed if only the Web-visitor traffic to the Website is steady and constant every day. Students can achieve this by following Search Engine Optimization Techniques to divert thousands of web visitors to the Site.

The Customer landing on the Website should get Complete Satisfaction on the functionality of the Website; availability of relevant information of the Products within micro-seconds; able to do business with the Website faster in minutes, if not seconds; and exit from the Site with complete satisfaction.

The visitor will become a Customer first, then a Loyal Customer after getting Customer Satisfaction. He will also spread “word of mouth” Advertisements about the Ecommerce Sites to his friends, relatives, colleagues, and neighbors – Free of Cost!

This MBA Specialization Course will prepare every Student with the above skills and talents.

Career Opportunities available for MBA Ecommerce Marketing and Management Course Graduates:

With extensive scope available for Online Businesses today and in the future, Graduates with Degrees from any College or University in this Specialized Course of Ecommerce Marketing and Management need not worry about securing outstanding career opportunities.

Website Owners with money to invest in Online Businesses are waiting for appropriate skilled Professionals to Start Online businesses – in their existing line of business in real life or in new Businesses relating to their present Businesses. They will not hesitate to take these Professional Managers with lucrative emoluments and Perks.

Why do students go to study MBA Ecommerce Marketing Management Course?

  • This MBA Course is available in many Colleges in India for full-time or Distance Education.
  • Employment Opportunities abound in many Online Businesses
  • The Candidates can choose their Employer, depending upon the scope for enlargement of the business concerned.
  • They can take a “cut” in the Profits if they grow the company with their skills and abilities.
  • They need to work on a Desk Top Cushion in a comfortable environment and make things happen with their Talents!

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