CBSE Online Admission Form for Class 10th / 12th In Delhi

CBSE Online Admission 2018

Welcome To Kapoor Study Circle Helpline For CBSE ONLINE ADMISSION FORM For Class 10th And 12th In Delhi. If You Want To Study Privately For Class 10th Or 12th From CBSE BOARD Than Our Institute Is The Best Option As You Complete Your School Education Without Attending A Regular School. Also If You Are School Failed Or School Dropout Student In Class 9th Or 11th, You Can Also APPLY ONLINE FOR ADMISSION IN CBSE BOARD FOR ADMISSION IN CLASS 10th OR 12th WITH OUR HELP.

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Following categories of students can fill the CBSE ONLINE ADMISSION FORM for class 10th.

  1. A) 9th class pass or 9th class failed student from the regular school who want to appear in class 10 board exam from CBSE BOARD can apply online for CBSE ONLINE ADMISSION.
  2. B) 8th passed students, or 8th failed students with one year gap, Who want to appear directly in 10th class board exam from CBSE may also apply for online admission in CBSE.
  3. C) A school dropout who has attained 14 years of age can also fill the ONLINE ADMISSION FORM for class 10th from CBSE BOARD.


All the students under the following category can also apply for ONLINE ADMISSION IN CBSE BOARD in class 12th

  1. a) If you are passed in class 11th and want to continue your studies privately or if you are failed in class 11th from a regular school and don’t want to waste your precious year CBSE ONLINE ADMISSION is the best alternative for you to continue your studies for class 12th from CBSE BOARD
  2. b)  If you have passed class 10th and had one year gap you can also take direct admission in class 12th CBSE BOARD through CBSE ONLINE ADMISSION IN CLASS 12TH

If you belong to any of the above categories, You are the candidate eligible to get our help, to directly get admitted to 10th or 12th Standard CBSE BOARD, through Online Admission and Pass. Call our helpline number: 9811132534,9911111412 and get direct admission in CBSE board.

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CBSE is an Educational Board controlled by the Indian Government. It is run with the objective of providing world-standard education to Delhi-based students, both boys and girls, in the Secondary and Senior Secondary (10th and 12th Standard) school courses. To achieve this objective, they are following the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Syllabus, applicable to the whole country of India.

Cbse board bestows special care for failed students in lower classes and admits them in higher classes through Online. Kapoor Study Circle takes advantage of this liberal policy, to help unfortunately failed students to get direct admission online into 10th and 12th Standards, as the case may be.

Benefits of CBSE Online Admission:

The CBSE Syllabus is a worthy one since it applies to the whole of India. The Secondary and Senior Secondary Certificates issued by CBSE board are highly regarded for further studies, employment opportunities and taking any other self-employment professions, all over India. Kapoor Study Circle students who have obtained these Certificates earlier are well-settled in life, as of today.

How you get helped by Kapoor Study Circle?

Kapoor Study Circle is well experienced for the last 25 years and more, in helping unluckily failed students to continue their school studies once again. Failing in 8th or 9th class creates utter dejection in the minds of students, and they become hopeless and drop out of school. But Kapoor Study Circle is always ready to wipe off their tears and make them continue and Pass School Final Exams for a bright future.

When you approach educational experts at Kapoor Study Circle for CBSE Online Admission, you get every help from completing the online application, finishing the formalities and getting your CBSE BOARD EXAMINATION Admit Card.

After that, the experienced teachers of Kapoor Study Circle impart high-quality education, through Coaching Classes at the Study Centers in Delhi for you, at convenient timings preferred by you. With such specialized attention, care and illustrated Special Coaching, you become a Bright Student.



Call: 9911111425, 9911111525.


CBSE Online Admission 2018

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