Open School admission 2024 for Open school 10th and Open school 12th Class

       Open School Admission Notice 2024 


Open School Admission in Delhi for Students Who Failed in Class 9th and 11th


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Dear Students,

Subject: Open School Delhi Admission 2024 for Class 10th and 12th in Delhi

We are delighted to announce the start of admissions for the Open Schooling program, offering a second chance to students who have faced setbacks in Class 9th and 11th. For those who could not pass Class 9th, there is an opportunity for Direct Open School 10th Admission. Similarly, students who could not succeed in Class 11th can apply for Open School 12th AdmissionThis program is designed to provide an easy and accessible learning environment, giving you the chance to complete your secondary (Class 10th) and senior secondary (Class 12th) education.

About Open Schooling in Delhi: 

Open Schooling is an alternative education system in India that provides an opportunity for students who have yet to succeed in the traditional schooling system. It offers flexible learning options that cater to the diverse needs of learners, ensuring that education is accessible to all.

Open School Delhi Admission Criteria for 10th 12th:



  1. Class 10th (Secondary): Students who have failed in Class 9th or are 14 years of age or above at the time of Admission are eligible for Admission.
  2. Class 12th (Senior Secondary): Students who have failed in Class 11th from school or 10th pass students from a recognized board are eligible for Open school 12th Admission.

How to Apply for Open School Admission 2024:

If you are considering joining the Open School Courses for classes 10th or 12th, Rest assured that Kapoor Study Circle will guide you every step. We have covered you from admission guidance and online form submission to providing books, study material, subject lists, and syllabi. Our best qualified and experienced teachers are committed to helping you succeed in the Open school board exams of class 10th or 12th with flying colours.

Subjects Available for Open School Class 10th with Subjects codes: 

The Open Schooling program offers a wide range of subjects for Class 10th. Students can check the list of subjects and choose subjects that interest them.

  1. English – Code: 202
  2. Hindi – Code: 201
  3. Mathematics – Code: 211
  4. Science – Code: 212
  5. Social Science – Code: 213
  6. Economics – Code: 214
  7. Business Studies – Code: 215
  8. Home Science – Code: 216
  9. Psychology – Code: 222
  10. Indian Culture and Heritage – Code: 223
  11. Painting – Code: 225
  12. Data Entry Operations – Code: 229

Subjects available for Open schooling class 12th in Delhi

  1. English – Code: 301
  2. Hindi – Code: 302
  3. Mathematics – Code: 311
  4. Physics – Code: 312
  5. Chemistry – Code: 313
  6. Biology – Code: 314
  7. History – Code: 315
  8. Geography – Code: 316
  9. Political Science – Code: 317
  10. Economics – Code: 318
  11. Business Studies – Code: 319
  12. Accountancy – Code: 320
  13. Home Science – Code: 321
  14. Psychology – Code: 328
  15. Sociology – Code: 331
  16. Computer Science – Code: 330
  17. Environmental Science – Code: 333
  18. Indian Culture and Heritage – Code: 335
  19. Painting – Code: 332
  20. Data Entry Operations – Code: 336

Students have to apply for a minimum of five subjects, and they can choose a maximum of two languages in class 10th or 12th and the other three elective subjects. Also, students can take a maximum of two additional subjects for class 10th or 12th.


Benefits of Open Schooling in Delhi:

  1. Flexible Learning Options: Open Schooling allows students to study according to schedule. These students need not attend regular schools, but they can join our coaching classes available in the morning, evening, or weekend schedules. 
  2. Open Schooling is a platform that embraces students from all walks of life, ensuring equal educational opportunities. We value diversity and believe that every student, regardless of their background, has the potential to excel. Join us and be a part of this inclusive educational journey. 
  3. Open Schooling is committed to maintaining high academic standards providing students with a robust and enriching educational experience. Our flexible learning options, inclusive environment, and recognized certificates are all designed to empower you to succeed. We assure you that your journey with Open Schooling will be rewarding. 
  4. Recognized Certificates: The Government of India and various educational boards recognise certificates from Open Schooling, opening doors for further studies and employment opportunities. Hence, if students pass class 10th from the Open School, they can join the regular school for class 11th or Higher studies. Students who pass Class 12th from the Open School can apply for Admission to all university courses. Also, Open School students who Pass Class 12th with science subjects are eligible for the IIT-JEE or NEET exam for medical and engineering courses.

We encourage all eligible students who have failed in Class 9th and 11th to take advantage of this opportunity to continue their education and pursue their dreams. Open Schooling provides a supportive and inclusive learning environment that empowers students to succeed.