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CBSE OPEN SCHOOL ADMISSION class 10th, class 12th Delhi - Apply Now For CBSE Open school form 10th, 12th.


cbse Open school admission 10th 12th

CBSE OPEN SCHOOL ADMISSION class 10th, class 12th – Welcome to Kapoor study circle’s helpline for ADMISSION in class 10th and Class 12th . CBSE Open School is new hope for students as now they can take direct admission in CBSE board for class 10th or class 12th Without attending regular schooling. In other words admission in CBSE board without regular classes and students can study Privately. So if you Want Direct admission in CBSE Open school in class 10th or class 12th contact us immediately.

CBSE Open School Admission form Class 10th Eligibility.

CBSE Open School class 10th – All the students who want to apply for 10th admission in CBSE Open school must have attained the age of 14 years at the time of admission . Under this any student can take admission in class 10th CBSE board and can continue their studies. Also All the students under any of the following categories can apply for 10th class Admission CBSE OPEN School.

1.Studying in a regular school and fail in class 9th or fail in class 8th with one year gap and want to take admission in class 10th from CBSE Board.

2. School left out students who now want to pass 10th class from CBSE OPEN

All of you are eligible to apply for Direct admission in class 10th. Fill the form Join our Best coaching classes and pass class 10th from CBSE BOARD.

CBSE Open School Admission Form Class 12th - Who can apply for Admission Class 12th?

CBSE Open School Class 12th – This class is very important in the life of every student as after passing 12th class board exam the future of the student is decided. After this the students can choose the career course for their future profession. CBSE Open school therefore is a boon for students failed in class 11th 10th pass school dropout students as now they can apply for Direct admission in class 12th with CBSE Open school form. All the students in the list below can apply for CBSE OPEN ADMISSION CLASS 12th.

1. Class 10th pass students after one year gap can take admission in class 12th in CBSE OPEN Board.
2. Fail in Class 11th from a regular school now want  admission in class 12th from CBSE Board.


You only need to contact Kapoor Study Circle immediately. Then it becomes our responsibility to see that you get CBSE Open Admission for 10th class or 12th class respectively. Our expert professionals will assist in every way. From filling your admission form attaching required documents, your subjects selection and finally submitting the application and get Admit Card and Hall Ticket for exam.

In addition, you will get Special Individual Coaching at our Study Centres. All the subjects of CBSE 10th and CBSE 12th Standard are illustrated painstakingly, so that you get thorough knowledge and skill in them. This way you are well-prepared for the appropriate Exam -10th or 12th Standard and encouraged to achieve High Marks and Pass.

CBSE Open School Admission Class 10th and class 12th - Why it is nedded?


10th 12th admission open school

Passing the School Final Examination with good marks is the invariable dream of all school-going students. Right from their early age, they learn from their elders in the family that for social recognition, good education is must to settle down in life with lucrative careers.
When the elders advise their wards, they insist upon passing the Secondary School 10th class first, as the basic education; and then continue for Senior Secondary Grade 12th class (School Final) which only will make the student eligible for admission in any College or University.
Collegiate education enables the students get a Degree in any of the many faculties like Medicine, Engineering, Computer Science and Commerce etc. This Degree paves way for setting up their career – either through employment in an organization in management category posts; or practicing or commencing own-business for sizeable income.

But once if a student is failed in class 9th or class 11th then either these fail students have to repeat the class for one more year or they have to leave the schooling education. CBSE Open admission brings a new hope for these students as they can now apply for the next higher class. Also it helps the school dropout students also to start their education once again.

CBSE Open School Admission Form Class 10th and class 12th - Join our Best admission guidance and Coaching classes.

CBSE Open School Admission Form – Kapoor Study Circle has been serving the student community for the last 25 years and more. Thousands of students have become successful in passing 10th Class and 12th class through CBSE Open Admission. At our Study Centers, expert teachers conduct Special CBSE Open School Coaching Classes. Students can choose morning classes, evening classes or week-end classes, as per their convenience.
The learning process of CBSE class 10th and class 12th is conducted with modern equipment’s, in comfortable class-rooms; well-prepared guides, study materials, previous question papers and answers are provided to the students.
The extensive experience in coaching classes for years puts the teaching of Kapoor Study Circle in good stead.

Therefore join Kapoor Study Circle. You are assure of Passing out with high marks in 10th or 12th class.

Call: 9911111425, 9911111525.

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