Open School 12th Admission Open Board, Open Schooling 12th Admission 2024-2025

Open School Admission 12th Class 2024-2025 - 12th from Open School Board, Open Schooling in Delhi for 12th Class


Open School Admission class 12th

Welcome to Kapoor study circle’s helpline for Open School Admission class 12th 2024. This is Your Premium Education Institute helping & guiding  You for your Admission in class 12th from NATIONAL OPEN SCHOOL.  Here we shall provide you the complete information for Open school Admission in Delhi Open Board  For Class 12th From Open Board.Open School Admission for 12th admission form 2024 has started. If you are looking for 12th open form 2024 to pursue 12th from open school Apply now as the open school admission class 12th are going on. Check open form date; last date 2024 so that your 12th admission form can be filled on time for your 12th open board admission You can apply for 12th Open form on time before last date very easily and can Pass 12th from Open School Board. Failing a single exam doesn’t decide or make a child’s future worthless. So, to begin from where the child has failed in regular school.

OPEN SCHOOL ADMISSION CLASS 12th provides a great environment where there are more opportunities and chances for a child to appear in class 12th board exam from OPEN SCHOOL without wasting a precious year or repeating again in the same class at the same school for one more year.

Open School 12th Eligibility For Open Schooling Board 2024-25 Admission.

Open school admission 12th – Eligibility for Open school admission class 12th is given below and students can check it befor applying for Open School admission.


Getting ADMISSION IN OPEN SCHOOL CLASS 12th is the first and foremost thing every parent should do to help their failed child. They should not  discourage them to appear in the same class. You have to make your child rise up with all the power he/she has and encourage them to continue achieving until they reach their destined goal.

Now a great question arises, which open school should I get my child an admission. Where can I get my child the same level or more than what a normal education Center provides? There is no need to be in a predicament as ‘KAPOOR STUDY CIRCLE’ is here to help your child achieve his/her goal. Apart from this, if you are looking for open school Delhi Admission, you may not find a better option than our institution. Read more to understand.

Open School Admission 2024-2025 Helpline Numbers: 9911111425, 9911111525 FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Contact us for 12th class open board form before the last date so that you can apply for 12th from open school. Apply now for 12th open admission from open board with 12th Open form for Open 12. our guidance and for Open School shall be best for you for your 12th Open school Admission.

It’s always a parent’s dream for their child to get the best education from qualified teachers and mentors for their child to pass with flying colors.  There isn’t any parent who wants their child to fail or lose in life. But most of the time, parents scold or criticize their child for failing or getting low marks in exams. They also often compare their child with those of others. But one thing parents often forget is that god didn’t create everyone equally. Everyone is born with different skills and talents.

Open school Delhi Admission 12th

Open school Delhi Admission 12th

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Why Opt for Kapoor Study Circle For 12th Class Open school Admission in Delhi ?

This a great question. There might be many open schools out there in Delhi. Why go with our institution?

Getting good marks and passing out 10th and later 12th grades are the first and foremost step for higher education. How a student performs in these classes has a great impact on his future studies and finally a good career. In cases where student’s fails in their 9th or 11th class. They have to sit in the same class and makes the time go in vain.

This is where our open school comes into effect. Kapoor study circle provides students with a direct admission to 10th or 12th grade. Our National open school is a recognized and well-qualified education board. This is most appropriate for a student to get a straight admission to 10th or 12 grades even if they have failed in their 7th, 8th, 9th, 11th grades from a regular institution. There isn’t any need for the student to re-appear in those failed classes.

 Open School Delhi Admission 2024 For Open Board and classes offered by our Institution for  class 12th:

Kapoor study circle have qualified and well-trained teachers and staff to help your child write board exams, hassle freely. We have all the latest classroom equipment and experienced tutors to help your child understand the subjects; he/she is facing difficulties in. Our educators teach students with easy understanding papers and notes for them to grasp things quickly and easily.

We also offer private coaching classes for our students. where we discuss the entire syllabus along with solving sample and previous questions papers for the students to understand, how questions are prepared and answered. Individual care and attention are also provided to students in need, so they understand and retain subjects better.

A brief guide to OPEN SCHOOL for OPEN BOARD Admission 2024-2025:

NATIONAL OPEN SCHOOL Popular as OPEN SCHOOL is an independent board that is recognized by Ministry of Human resource Development, Government of India.  The certificates and report cards issues by the National open school board system for 10th and 12th-grade students are at par with All other board of  India. This enables the students to go for higher education to quality colleges, universities or even to foreign countries to reach their ambition.

The benefits offered to students of regular schooling are also enjoyed by students who have studied from Open board system. They can also get employed in state or central government jobs in cases of vacancies. Therefore, there isn’t any distinction between a student who has passed from a Open board or any other board system. It ensures, parents can admit their child to our qualified open school without a second thought. This admission in open school Delhi will never disappoint you or your beloved child.

So why waiting, secure your child’s bright future through our institution and let them reach their dream goal! You can also check National Open School board Admission Form Class 10th 12th Delhi For all the information for admission and other details.

Call now at 9911111425/9911111525  for more Info.

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