iGNOU MBA Advertising Brand Management Admission Distance learning education 2024-2025

IGNOU MBA Advertising and Barand Management Course Admission 2024-2025 Distance Education learning

"mba-branding-advertising-distance-education"IGNOU MBA Advertising Brand Management – In the present-day Advanced Technology era, Post-Graduation Education has become a “Must” for settling down in lucrative careers. While there are lots of Courses offered for post-Graduation, only a few courses stand out to attract students’ attention, essentially. Master of Business Administration gets the top place of them all since it is a Course that molds Students to fit snugly into Positions available in Businesses – from Corporates to Local Businesses.

Businesses – whatever field they are in, have only one common goal – Profit Making! Therefore, companies should be run efficiently and effectively, with this primary view of making enormous Profit for the Organization.

It is easier said than done to run a business profitably. Sharp brains with Business acumen are commonly behind Successful Businesses. Multiple tasks are to be carried out simultaneously, each bringing forth the desired results at the lowest cost and without much-taxing efforts.

Master of Business Administration – as the name suggests – the person in charge of any Business should “Master” assorted skills and abilities, all at the same time, and perform them rightly when needed.

Since every business requires various skills to be performed, many Universities and Colleges have formulated Master of Business Administration Postgraduation Courses to prepare young students to cope with the demands. One of the most-sought Courses is MBA Advertising and Brand Management Course!

What is IGNOU MBA Advertising and Brand Management Course?

It is a simple fact that no business can flourish without Advertising. The Customers and End-users come to know of any existing Business only through Advertisements. Yet the scope for advertising a business is vast. You cannot pinpointedly say which sort of advertising and in which mode and model of advertising will bring forth the desired results – namely, growth of the business, vertically and horizontally.

First of all – An advertisement needs perfect planning and execution! At the planning stage, the MBA Course Student must be trained about the nuances and intricacies of planning the Advertisements – namely, the scope and purpose. The objective of the Advertisements should be to attract prospective customers and lure them into buying the Product or Services offered by the business.

The “Message” the proposed advertisement has to carry should be precise, crisp, complete, and comprehensive but should never exceed the limit. In other words, everyone seeing the ad should be pulled by the collar, stop, read the advertisement, and instantly absorb the “Message” and “induced” to act fast, search for the product’s availability, and rush to buy it.

In the execution stage of the Planned Advertisement, the skills needed are

  • Analyse the “Channels” of Advertisement
  • Fix the period of advertising
  • Scrutinize the effectiveness of the publication of the advertisement in that Channel
  • Foresee the results that can be achieved quantitatively and
  • The Total Cost involved and its viability

By imparting the above training of skills in Advertising, the student becomes well-versed in the art of Advertising and will be ready to execute those skills learned in practical life.

As for Brand Management is concerned, it is closely linked with Advertising. The very act of Brand Management can be accomplished only through proper, efficient, and effective Advertisements. Brand Management is nothing but instilling in the mind of the targeted audience of any Business the Brand of the Business – indelibly.

The purpose of Brand Management is whenever the end-user or Customer needs a Product, instantly in their mind, the Brand of the Business advertised should “flash” like a Torchlight. They will not be ordinarily inclined to look beyond the specific Brand inscribed in their mind. Successful Brand Management will never fail to help grow the business and profits.

IGNOU MBA Advertising and Brand Management course eligibility, duration and Admission Process

"mba-branding-advertising-correspondence-admission"IGNOU MBA Advertising and Brand Management is a two-year master’s degree program divided into four semesters. The syllabus and exam pattern is the same for the students either studying it in regular mode or Distance education learning mode from any University.

For Regular MBA Advertising and Brand Management Courses, students must qualify for the CET exam and the Common Entrance Exams like CAT, CMAT, MAT, etc. But for the MBA Advertising and Brand Management course Admission in Distance education learning, students can apply directly on the website of the University offering MBA Advertising and Brand Management in Distance education learning or correspondence mode.

Eligibility for MBA Advertising and Brand Management Admission for regular Course is 50% marks in Graduation with good merit scores in CET, the common entrance exam. For MBA Advertising and Brand Management Admission in Distance learning education courses, eligibility in Some universities is a graduation degree with 45% to 50% marks.

Scope for IGNOU MBA Advertising and Brand Management course:

Students will get exposure to Modern advertising and Brand Management Techniques. To explain the consumers ‘ benefits of using the advertised products, I will get guidance to improve my creative skills for meaningful advertising and best Communication Skills. They can learn key factors influencing Media Planning, Trendy Marketing Techniques to usher the Business upfront, and using excellent Brand Management Techniques by World Top Class Businesses.

Career Opportunities available for IGNOU MBA Advertising and Brand Management Graduates:

Thanks to the Internet, Businesses are expanding globally today. No Business can survive and grow without advertisement. As such, the demand for Qualified Graduates in Advertisement and Brand Building Techniques is ever increasing. The Commercial World welcomes MBA Graduates in Advertisement and Brand Management with both hands.

The Plus factor for these Graduates is that they need no In-plant Training since the Course Curricula have already equipped them with the Practical Knowledge. From day one after joining a Company, they can start working like Trained Personnel in the field. It will make the Employer very happy.

As such, they can look forward to getting posted in pivotal positions in fields like Specialist Brand Consultancies; Digital Marketing Agencies; Training and Recruitment firms; Image Management Consultancies; Public Relation Agencies; Advertising Agencies and Consultancies, as well as Marketing Departments of big Corporate Companies, etc.

Why do students go to study MBA Advertising and Brand Management Course?

Usually, every student would like to study a Postgraduation Course, with dreams of a lucrative career in the future. In that context, by experience, Students hear from their Classmates and Friends about the abundance of opportunities available in the Advertising, Marketing, Brand Building, and similar Commercial fields. After getting the Degree, Employment Opportunities will be offered to them on a platter, and they can be demanding as to which opportunity to accept. No wonder many Graduates prefer this MBA Course!

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