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Best Job Oriented Certificate Courses after 10th

During the last Century, S.S.L.C. (that is the present 10th Standard) was the milestone of Education for so many people. Further education was sought after only by a few in Colleges. But due to rapid developments in Technology, the employment market required more academic as well as technical education, after passing 10th Standard from those seeking suitable employment.

Yet Students with 10th Standard Certificate need not be disheartened. The same Technology Advancement has opened up new vistas and avenues, for imparting professional skills to these Students and enable them to get well-paid jobs today.

There are many Institutions that offer Certificates and Diplomas through Distance Education (Correspondence Courses). The aspiring Student need not attend any classroom. Instead, they can sit at home and pursue these Courses in their leisure time. Most of the Certificate Courses are of one-year duration only.

These Certificate Courses are very much job-oriented and educate the Students the needed skills for a particular profession. If you just go through the list, you will find the latest additions as follows along with the conventional Certificate Courses –

Certificate in:-

Sericulture; Water Harvesting and Management; Poultry Farming; Organic Farming; Bee Keeping; Foreign Languages such as Russian, French, Arabic, Urdu etc.; Functional English; Consumer Protection; and Tourism Studies etc.

For S.S.L.C. Students there were only Certificates in Stenography; Typewriting; Book-keeping; and other Commercial Subjects. But the new additions impart professional skills that are greatly in demand for employment opportunities.

Popular Courses are- Short-term Computer Courses; Beauty Technician; Laboratory Technician; Fashion Designer; Tailoring; Nursing Assistant; Certificate in Catering Services etc. which can fetch good employment chances immediately.

Certificates issued by prestigious Institutions are regarded as very valuable and can attract employers’ attention. Apart from seeking employment elsewhere, once these Certificates are obtained, the candidates can start their own self-employment professions to earn a lot of money.

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