LLB Admission 2024-2025 for Bachelor of Law Courses BA LLB, BCOM LLB, BSC LLB

LLB ADMISSION 2024-2025 For bachelor of law Course. Apply for BA LLB, BCOM LLB and BSC LLB Courses.

"llb-Course-Admission"LLB Admission 2024-2025 – People seek Education to settle down in a lucrative Career and live happily after that. Of all the Career options, some are more respected as valuable than others. Doctors and Lawyers get Social Respect in society because of their available services. 

Rather than a Doctor, a Lawyer’s Profession is less physical strain. An experienced and Expert Advocate can become a Judge of a Court, render Justice as laid down in the Law Books, settle lots of disputes, and establish the Rule of Law!

Many students wish to pursue the course to become a Lawyer or Advocate – to earn money and Social Respect.

How to study the Law Course, and what are the requirements therefore? Let us see here in detail:

What is LLB the Bachelor of Law Course

Many would have seen the Sign Board in a Lawyer’s Office, with the person’s name and the Degree he possesses in Law. Bachelor of Law after Graduation like B.A.B.L. or M.A. B.L. etc.

Now in Modern India, the Law Courses have been upgraded to accommodate more students and convert them into Lawyers. So, the system has been changed to enable Students to join the Law Course – without first studying an Undergraduate Course like B.A. or B.Sc. 

Aspiring Students can join the LLB Course after Passing the Higher Secondary Course 10 + 2 from any Stream. 
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The Word LLB is a derivative of Latin (there are innumerable Latin Words inducted into the Profession of Law over a period.) So, the Latin Word – Latin legume baccalaureate is abbreviated as LLB.

Not only in the Lawyers Profession, but this Degree Course also evolves many “Legal Consultants” to work in big Corporate Companies – and thus expands the scope for LLB Course studies.

LLB 3 Years Course Admission For Bachelor of Law:

Contrary to the earlier system of studying any Graduation Course first, and then pursuing the Law Course, the Government of India has simplified the system to suit the needs of Students.

Different Universities and Law Colleges follow different methods of admission. However, most of these Institutions prefer to select their Students through Entrance Exams only.

Here again, there are different types of Entrance Tests: University Level Entrance Tests, State Level Entrance Tests, and National Level Entrance Tests.

Standard Law Admission Test – CLAT

Law School Admission Test – LSAT

National Law School India University Entrance Examination – NLSIU.

The objective of the 3 Years LLB Course is to train Graduates of any Stream in the Practice of Law and impart training in understanding the complexities of various Laws which govern the rule of a Nation.

As such, the Eligibility for Admission in the 3 Years LLB Course is any Degree from any University or College. The aspiring Candidates are expected to have secured 45% Marks in the Qualifying Exam.

There is no Age Limit for Admission for the Candidates.

The Admission Process takes place via Entrance Test and preparing a Merit List based on the Marks obtained. 

The Candidates are called for Counselling, and if selected, an Admit Card will be sent to them.

The Aspiring Candidates should watch the Admission Notices Online, published on the concerned Website of the Institution they wish to join.

They should download the Application Forms, fill them up neatly without any flaws, and submit the Application form for admission along with the required documents as proof of their Qualification and Eligibility.

The course offers knowledge about the fundamentals of Law. The Student also gets extensive knowledge about the Constitution of India and its various Sections.  

The three years duration will be divided into 6 Semesters. In each Semester, the Student get knowledge about various nuances and intricacies of Law Education and an explanation of the applicability of the different Sections of Civil and Criminal Law in detail.

Those who want to get a Degree in Law with three years of study can choose this course as an ideal one and start practicing Law.

LLB 5 Years Course Admission:

"llb-Admission-2023-2024"For those who want to become full-fledged Lawyers without studying in another College. They can obtain a Degree first and then pursue the Law Course; this 5 Years LLB Course will be ideal.

The Students thus save a precious year of study and start their Education after passing the Higher Secondary Course.

The Admission Process is almost the same as needed in the 3 Years LLB Course. The only difference is that they must choose a Top College or University to study this course. So that when they come out with a Law Degree, they will have more value for career selection.

Of all the Entrance Exams, many Candidates prefer C.L.A.T. – Common Law Admission Test. This Exam is taken by the Consortium of 22 participating National Law Universities (N.L.U.s).

Therefore, the chances are high for the Candidate to get admission to any prestigious National Law Universities, brightening their future.

Candidates get admission by writing this C.L.A.T. Entrance Exam Online. This Exam is expected for 3 Years LLB Course and 5 Years LLB Course – conducted separately.

Eligibility Criteria for 5 Years LLB Course is that the Candidate must have Passed 10 + 2 Higher Secondary Courses from a Recognized Board of Education. Candidate must have secured 45% Marks in the Qualifying Exam – 40% for SC/ST Candidates.

There is No Age Limit for joining this course. Additionally, those who have appeared for the Board Exam and waiting for the Results can also be permitted to write C.L.A.T. Exam.

Candidates often confuse which course – 3 years or 5 Years LLB Admission 2024 is best to undertake. The answer is that in the three years Course, Students can only get “theoretical knowledge” of the Law. Whereas in the five years Course, they are undergoing Practical Training in the application of the course studied by them and can have a “Court Room” experience as an Advocate.

BA LLB Admission:

The expansion of BA LLB Admission 2024 is a Bachelor of Legislative Law. It is an Integrated Program of LLB for five years. In this course, the Student studies the Subjects prescribed for the Bachelor of Arts Graduation Course, together with the Subjects of LLB. 

In the five years Course, the Candidate will get exposure to Law Subjects and practical experience in a Court Room Atmosphere.

The Entrance Exams are the same as mentioned above for the 5 Years Integrated LLB Course. Some National Level Entrance Exams like CLAT and LSAT will be ideal for getting a Pass and seeking admission to famous and prestigious Law Colleges.

BBA LLB Admission 2024:

The complete form of BBA LLB is – a Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Legislative Law. It is an Integrated Program of Business Administration and Management, together with understanding and implementing Legal aspects involved in Business Administration.

The Eligibility Criteria for studying this course are identical and similar, as prescribed for BA LLB Course – Pass in Higher Secondary Course with 45% Marks minimum.

The National Level Entrance Exams like C.L.A.T. and LSAT also apply for this course. If successful in these Entrance Exams, the Candidate can get admission to popular Law Colleges valued in the Business Circle.

This course is connected with Business circles, the Candidates with BBA LLB Admission 2024 degrees can become Legal Consultants in Corporate Companies or practice as Lawyers in Companies-related Cases in Courts. They can expect higher emoluments this way!

BSC LLB Admission 2024:

It is also a 5-Year Integrated Course of Law clubbed with Science for students who passed class 12th board exams with science subjects. 

The Admission Process and Eligibility for this LLB Admission 2024 Course are similar to other Bachelor’s Degree Courses studied with Law.

Candidates who have passed Higher Secondary courses in Science Subjects can apply for admission. The minimum Cut Off Mark is 45% for Regular Candidates, and a concession of 5% is allowed for SC/ST Candidates.

The Course Subjects include Chemistry, Biotechnology, Electronic Devices, Labour Law; Civil Law; Criminal Law; Corporate Law; Patent Law, Administrative Law, etc.

After attaining the Degree of BSC BBA from a Prestigious University, the Candidate can command employment opportunities in Corporate Companies dealing with Scientific Products and Business. They can appropriately use their knowledge of the Law to protect the Company’s Legal Interests.


Summing up, LLB Courses are becoming popular among Students because of the attractions they provide for a lucrative career.

Even Girl Students have also come up in large numbers to study Law, date because unlike decades ago, the Laws have become stringent to safeguard the interest of womenfolk. Crimes against women are getting severe punishment.

Female Lawyers have good demand, and Courts are considerate towards Women Lawyers!

Students can also check the details for Bcom llb Admission.


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