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A Trusted Name in Education with Excellent Track Record

Patrachar vidyalaya, Cbse Patrachar, CBSE Private, Admission – The birth of Kapoor Study Circle in 1987 was purely on a pragmatic thinking. In the education field, there are numbers of institutions, who impart with high-standard education to make bright and intelligent students achieve success. What about those students, who fail and owing to this failure in one-class, get subjected to untold misery, dejection and mental agony? Who will extend a helping hand to them?

This question troubled the minds of the founders of Kapoor Study Circle. It was firmly believed by the founders that if at all proper opportunities are given, these unfortunate students in School Final levels will certainly grab those opportunities, and will endeavor enthusiastically to continue their school-life, and achieve their goal of completing School Final education successfully, to make their parents very happy.

So with this clear-cut objective in mind, Kapoor Study Circle embarked in the education field; and for the last 25 years and more has been rendering yeomen service in helping failed students to pass their exams. Thousands of such students have gratefully enjoyed the help, used the opportunities and all of them are very happy today, after settling in life with their desired career opportunities.

Opportunities existing in Education field as of today:

The Indian Government offers Secondary and Senior Secondary courses through their Ministry of Education and Ministry of Human Resources.  Kapoor Study Circle takes pleasure in joining hands with this Education Boards; and by using the avenues shown by the Government makes failed students Pass in School Final exams.

There are three channels for completing School Final education for failed students. They are – National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS); Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and Patrachar Vidyalaya, Delhi.

NIOS has different schemes of study, whereby even 7th, 8th and 9th failed students can join 10th Standard through Direct Admission and Pass 10th Standard Exam.  10th and 11th failed students can join and Pass 12th Standard by Direct Admission. There are other schemes as well for failed students, those who want to improve their marks, and those who seek On Demand Exams for failed subjects and Pass.

CBSE allows failed students to get admitted as Private Candidates in 10th or 12th and Pass. Improvement Exams are also conducted by CBSE.

Patrachar Vidyalaya is meant for Delhi-based students. All the opportunities offered by NIOS are made available through this Board also.

Kapoor Study Circle is determined that failed students should not suffer, since they have been denied of the chance for continuing their school education. Over the years, hundreds of failed students from lower classes have approached Kapoor Study Circle, to help them out to complete their School Final courses successfully.

The mind-set of these unlucky students is very dejected; and they crave for some hope to fulfill their objective and secure Secondary and Senior Secondary School Certificates. They earnestly believe that only if they possess these Certificates in hand, they can compete with others in real life, and get a respected career with sufficient income.

Kapoor Study Circle’s targeted audience is these failed students, who feel very much about their missed-chances. Using the abovementioned educational facilities, Kapoor Study Circle is determined to give a push to failed students, with all assistance in getting Online admission; Special Coaching Classes at convenient hours; all sorts of study materials and previous question papers etc. to instill Self-confidence in the minds of failed students.

Thus encouraged students get equipped with knowledge to study, face exam and Pass in 10th or 12th Standard successfully.

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