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A Trusted Name in Education with Excellent Track Record

Mr. Ram Kapoor
If you are a student, parent, relative, neighbor or friend of a student, then the following Message is for you:

Youth never returns ever again. Whatever one learns in his younger age comes with him throughout his life. There are so many quotable quotes about the importance of Education for youngsters. Of them the following two stand out:

“An Investment in Knowledge pays the Best Dividends”

“Education is the Key to unlock the Golden Door to Freedom and Prosperity”

We, at Kapoor Study Circle are very well aware of the significance of educating everyone, which is part and parcel of the Nation-building Exercise. That is why we pay special attention and focus our efforts towards educating students of School Final level – especially failed students to get Pass.

Failure in any of the High-school classes puts a biggest hurdle in their path to the School Final exams. Kapoor Study Circle took a vow that these students should never be left behind; and should be helped to wipe of their sorrows.

In line with the focused efforts of Kapoor Study Circle, to help out the needy students who have failed in high-school education, to reach their ultimate goal of Passing Secondary and Senior Secondary education, our experts have evolved our plans accordingly.

Our Vision:

Often times, high-school students falter when they reach the higher classes above 8th or 9th. The subjects become tougher compared to what they have been studying all along till now. They are expected to memorize huge portions of text and reproduce the same blindly in the Examination Hall. The answer papers are evaluated based on what the student has written on that paper.

This process eludes the true-perspective of education, namely understanding the subject clearly, and when a question is asked in any lesson, the student must be able to answer the same with his knowledge; and not through the same text published in the lesson. This is not the case very often and with the result, the concerned student gets only fail marks.

This lapse has been going on and on and the number of students not understanding the lessons clearly, muddling up in answering and failing in the higher-classes is always on the increase.

Kapoor Study Circle’s experts are thoroughly conversant with this particular inability of the students. That is why we have Our Vision clear-cut to really “educate” the failed students, in such a way they understand all the lessons and subjects thoroughly, and gain complete knowledge, wisdom and self-confidence after getting our Special Coaching.

Our Mission:

Based on the long experience in “educating” failed students of 10th and 12th Standards, our teaching professionals approach the whole Coaching Process in a different way. Kapoor Study Circle has 2 Study Centers at Delhi, fully equipped with all the modern facilities and creates a healthy environ. A student who studies in such environ becomes mentally free and concentrates on learning.

Each lesson in every subject is explained fully-well and the learning is ensured by interacting with the students. If a student has “dark areas” in any lesson, with confusion and misunderstanding, their doubts are cleared then and there.

Every student is encouraged to “understand” the subject and gain true knowledge. This way the student becomes a Bright Student to answer well, whatever question is asked in the subject from any lesson. In addition, expertly prepared study materials; guides; notes and tips etc. are provided to each student.

Mock-tests are conducted with previous years’ question papers and answers to “train” the student in methodical answering to reap high marks. At the end of this focused-coaching, every student becomes fully-talented to face the respective exam, and Pass with Excellent Marks!
Kapoor Study Circles achieves their Mission successfully and becomes your Best Option to get Failed Students Pass!

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