How to play gambling without going through sports betting?




Do you enjoy sports in different ways? Watch them, practice them, bet on them. You are far from alone in this field, especially when it comes to betting on sporting events. The sad reality is that most people who bet on sporting events should quit. This is because most sports players don't do what it takes to make money over time . Here is a list of seven reasons why you should stop betting on sports. You'll also find information on what you can do to improve your chances of winning if you're not ready to quit.

1 – You cannot pay the additional costs on bets

Here's at secret: Using point spreads published by major sports books, you could break even in the long run by tossing a coin to pick the winners if you didn't have to. to beat.

When placing a bet using a point spread, there are only three possible outcomes. You can win, lose or draw.

When you win, you get your original bet back plus the amount you won.

When you lose, you get nothing back, resulting in a loss of your original bet amount.

In the event of a tie, in most cases you get your bet back.


If you are able to bet $100 to win $100, you only need to win 50% of the time to break even. And you can win 50% of the time by blindly choosing which sides of the point spread to bet on.

The main problem is that you cannot bet with sportsbooks on an even basis. You must bet more than you can win. This is usually 10%, so you need to bet €110 to win €100.

Most sports bettors cannot exceed this surcharge, called betting fees, or lookouts. If you can't afford the extra, you should stop betting on sports.

2 – You don't spend enough time on handicap bets

The main reason most sports players can't beat lookouts is that they don't spend enough time on handicap events. The problem is that simply spending more time isn't always enough. Handicap betting is a real challenge.

Here's what most sports gamblers do: they look at the lines in the sportsbook and either they bet on their favorite team, quickly guess which team to bet on, or they spend a few minutes looking at the standings and some stats, then they do a bet.

All of these tactics are basically the same as flipping a coin or throwing darts to choose a team to bet on.

The reason you have two choices is that if you're not handicapping matches correctly, there's no point in trying to gain an advantage. You will only gain an advantage in any way through thorough evaluation and handicapping.

3 – You bet on everything

While it's true that some of the best sports players in the world place bets on a wide range of sporting events, the truth is that you're probably not good enough to do so. You cannot make profitable bets on all the sports offered by sports betting.

You must choose a sport and/or area to focus on if you want to have a realistic chance of making a profit. You can't bet on everything if you really want to win.

Many sports betting players are what I call action junkies. They feel like they have to do action on games every day, so they basically bet on everything.

You can't afford to be an action junkie. If the action is more important than the win, you should just let go of the idea of ​​being a winning sports betting player.

4 – You rely on luck or hope

Hope and luck are two of the most dangerous words a sports betting player can use. Whenever you are hoping for something to happen or relying on luck, it is a sure sign that you should either stop betting on sports or spend more time evaluating the games you want to bet on.

All bettors hope for luck. But most of them lose. Forget hope or luck. The best sports bettors never have to rely on hope or luck, as they develop sports betting systems that help them secure long-term profits.

5 – You refuse to use a fund

If you are not using dedicated funds for all of your sports gambling activities, you should either start using one immediately or stop betting on sports.

This statement may sound harsh or extreme, but professional bettors use working capital. Amateur bettors do not use funds. Some professional sports players make a profit, while very few amateur players do.


Using a dedicated fund won't make you a profitable bettor, but it's one of the things you need to do if you really want to win. Your bankroll is a tool that helps you win. It allows you to track your profits and losses while helping you determine the appropriate amount of bets.

6 – Poker strategy is simpler

Gambling players have found ways to make a profit and it is possible to play online casino games and win big bucks without too much effort unlike sports betting. Indeed, sports betting is one of the means used by some professional gamblers to make a profit; but this is not necessarily the easiest way. In this section and the next, you will discover two options that could be better than sports betting.

Poker strategy is simpler than sports betting. It remains complicated, and most players never train enough to be profitable, but learning to play basic poker is easier for many players than learning how to win at sports betting.

The truth is, if you're willing to do the work and put in the time, you can use any of the three game areas to make a profit. But you have to choose one and stick to it. If gambling on sports isn't for you, consider focusing on poker.

7 – Blackjack is easier

If gambling and poker aren't for you, blackjack might be the way to go. In fact, if you can learn some advanced blackjack strategies and how to get away with it, that's a good reason to quit playing the sport.

Real money blackjack is easier than handicapping sporting events and learning poker strategy. It's still not easy, but if you're willing to put enough time and practice into it, you can learn how to win easily at blackjack.

You only need to learn three things to be a winning blackjack player.

Learn the rules

Learn basic strategy

Learn to count cards

The rules and strategy are simple. You can even get a card that lists all the best strategies and use it when you play. But it doesn't take long to memorize blackjack strategy. All that remains is to learn to count cards.

You can find articles on card counting or read a good book or two. Once you know how it works, all you have to do is practice.


Should we stop betting on sports? In the end, it's a decision you're going to have to make. If you are not yet betting profitably on sports, are you ready to do what it takes to change your results?

If you're not ready to make changes, you should probably stop betting on sports and find something else to do. Poker and blackjack are two options that some players use to make a profit.

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If you still want to bet on sporting events after reading the 7 Reasons Why You Should Quit, it's time to get to work. Learn more about handicap betting and start putting more time and effort into it. This is the only way to start making money betting on sporting events.