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This Privacy Policy is the Legal Statement of Kapoor Study Circle, as required under the Statutes for safeguarding the Privacy of the Users of this Website – Kapoor Study The Legal Statements enumerated hereunder will be binding both the parties – You as the end-user of this website; and Us as the owners of Kapoor Study Circle website, for all intents and purposes, hereinafter explained in detail.

Information we collect when you use this website:

For the purpose of offering Educational Services to you as the User, we, Kapoor Study Circle collect certain information during the course of your connection with our site. These information or data such as your name, address, age, sex, nationality, contact details like telephone number and email etc. are necessitated by the website, when you are Registering as a member of this website, and avail the Educational and allied Services during the entire period of your association with this website.

If you so desire, you can visit our site and browse through the web pages anonymously, without Registration. But for availing the Educational and allied Services offered by this site, Registration is compulsory.

Usage the Personal Information collected:

The Personal Information so collected from you at the time of Registration are made use of by the site in respect of –

  • Providing a Personalized and Individualized Service for you as and when required
  • Maintain a close-relationship with you as the Registered Member
  • Communicate with you from time to time, as and when needed by the site, faster and without hassles
  • Render best Customer Service to you as our Registered Member, in answering your questions and resolving your problems and complaints, if any
  • Send you promotional information such as Contests, Notifications, Surveys and Rewards etc.
  • Interacting with you with regard to the efficient Services of the site and helping you in achieving the Goals for which you had become a Registered Member.

Safety and Security of your Personal Data:

Kapoor Study Circle attaches top-most importance to the Privacy of its Registered Members. Therefore we abide by the Legal Requirements of “Data Protection Laws” in vogue as of today. We agree to be bound by, as also comply with willingly the provisions enacted for the Safety of Customer Data.

Non-disclosure of Personal Data to third parties:

Kapoor Study Circle undertakes, agrees and assures that the Personal Data collected from its Registered Members will never be divulged, revealed, disclosed, sold, lent or otherwise transferred to any third parties, for whatever purpose, other than those that are legally permitted under the Law.

However if these information and details are required by third parties engaged along with us, in the Services rendered to the Registered Members for their benefits and in their own interest, with strictly given undertaking to keep these Personal Information as confidential.

In case disclosure of these Personal Information is necessitated by the Law Enforcing Agencies, or for protection of our Rights of Property or Safety or in the event of any Legal Disputes arising and need to get resolved.

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It is assured that for Marketing and Website Promotion purposes, only non-personalized and not identifiable information of the Members will be used, and they will not in any way do any harm to our Registered Members, whatsoever.

Intellectual Property Rights and Restrictions on Use of the Contents:

The contents of this website namely – texts; graphics; images; materials; and software etc. are the Intellectual Property owned by Kapoor Study Circle; and protected under the Copyright Laws. As such, you are prohibited from reproducing, copying, republishing in other sites, making use of the contents of this site in any way not authorized and expressly consented by the site, thwart, misuse, download the contents for any commercial purposes, other than your own genuine personal use.

You are cautioned to refrain from any misuse, or using the contents of this site for any unlawful purposes, whatsoever, to the detriments of the interests of this website.


Kapoor Study Circle absolves themselves from any liability, claim or damage caused by the use of the contents of this website, knowingly or unknowingly.

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