National Institute of Open Schooling Admission 10th 12th 2024-2025

National Institute of Open Schooling – Admission 10th 12th 2024-2025 is a new option to complete school education other than regular schooling. National Institute of Open Schooling announces Direct admission in class 10th and 12th for students in distance mode where the students can directly apply for 10th admission or 12th and can appear in board exams.

National Institute of Open Schooling – Admission Class 10th, 12th 2024 in Delhi.

National Institute of Open Schooling Admission 2024 – It is really a boon for school fail students as now it also possible for them to continue their schooling once again without wasting a year   It is 100% likely. It has been proved in the case of thousands of unlucky students, failed in lower classes, but later passed School Final Courses by taking National Institute of Open Schooling Admission. Read further and you will agree at the end – Yes it is really and truly possible. The opportunity comes from Nios admission for 10th and Nios admission for 12th enabled by NIOS (National Institute of open schooling) Board.

Nios Admission

First, get introduced to Kapoor Study Circle

This is an Educational Institution at Delhi. It was started in 1987. Their sole aim was to help failed students in lower classes to Pass School Final. A spark of an innovative idea clicked in the minds of the founders. Bright Students are picked up by favorite schools to show 100% Pass Results. But the plight of those unfortunate young students failed in lower classes went unnoticed.

These students failed in 8th, 9th or 11th get their dreams smashed. They cannot join Secondary School Leaving Course – 10th Class; or Senior Secondary Course – 12th Class. The gloom of their ideas getting spoiled engulfs them. Their whole family suffers from grief.
8th and 9th failed will not be able to write 10th Class Exam. 11th failed can never go to 12th Class. This is the stark reality of our Indian School System.

The founders of Kapoor Study Circle vowed to put an end to this gloomy situation. They believe if there is the proper help, these failed students will also be able to achieve their dreams. What is needed to make this happen is adequate guidance; and intensive individualized education by private tuition.
Since the last 25 years and more, Kapoor Study Circle has brought forth light in the life of failed students. They use the existing opportunities with National Open School made available through the Internet. One such possibility is Nios online admission.

What is meant by National Institute of Open Schooling  Admission class 10th and class 12th

The government of India is keen on providing world-standard education to Indian school students. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) takes care of this. All the formal schools run by Central Government are governed by CBSE. The other Ministry namely Human Resources are also engaged in educating uneducated masses.

Under this Ministry, there is National Institute of Open Schooling NIOS. This Board is formulated to take education to all the students, unconditionally and openly and informally. By the concept of Open Schooling, even those who did not undergo formal schooling education can be eligible to join School Final Courses. The same CBSE Syllabus as applicable to other schools is followed here also.

Students failed in 8th Class one year before; 9th failed students; and even those who did not have attended formal schooling, but attained the age of 14 are eligible for Nios online admission for 10th.
In the same way, students failed in 11th Class and 10th passed one year back are eligible for Nios online admission for 12th. NIOS Board conducts CBSE Secondary and Senior Secondary Courses and Public Exams every year. These students admitted online and got Admit Card can appear for these exams.
But the question is – where these unwary students get guidance and private tuition? Kapoor Study Circle comes into the picture here.

Admission In Nios

How Kapoor Study Circle helps these failed students for National Institute of Open Schooling  Admission?

When a failed student, male or female, or school-dropouts approach Kapoor Study Circle, immediately their councilors respond favorably. They talk to the student elaborately and assess their desire and previous qualification.
This will help decide which Class they wish to join. Accordingly, the student is advised to take up Nios online admission for Nios online admission for 10th or Nios online for 12th Class, as the case may be.
All the Admission formalities are completed, namely filling the Application; checking and attaching documentary proofs; submitting to Nios authorities and getting Admit Card and Hall Ticket for the student.
Thereupon the student gets the following valuable assistance:

1. Enrolling the student for Special Coaching Class
2. Coaching Classes at convenient timings, morning, evening and weekends, to enable even employed persons
Study Centers located at Delhi in Different places
3. Expert and experienced Teachers to conduct Special Coaching
4. The Teachers use their vast experience to find out the short-comings; and lack of knowledge of the student in any subject or subjects
5. The student gets appropriate individual attention to eliminating the above defects and short-coming
6. All students are encouraged to attend the Classes with keenness when each lesson and topic is illustrated with sophisticated tools like videos and slides and explained in detail.
7. The student is encouraged to ask doubts in the subjects and get them cleared while the Class is on
Study materials; guides; tips; previous question papers and answers are supplied to practice writing Mock-tests.
Thus the failed student got admitted through Nios online admission in respect of Nios online admission for 10th or Nios online admission for 12th Class is prepared very well. No doubt they easily pass the Public Exams with high marks!
You can also help failed students, if you are a neighbor, friend or relative of such students, by informing them to contact Kapoor Study Circle online!