CBSE Full Form & Options For school Fail Students


CBSE Full Form Means Central Board of Secondary Education The Government of India is keen on providing Education to the children of the nation in a mass-scale, to reach every nook and corner of the country – including far off and remote villages. India as one nation is poised to provide School Education at the Secondary and Senior Secondary Level.
10th Standard is the Secondary Education ultimate Class; and 12th Standard is the Final School level Senior Secondary Course, uniformly all over the country.
To evolve, implement, monitor and administer School level Education, the Government of India, Ministry of Education created this Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in 1962. This Board is the Apex Board as for as the School Level Education is concerned in India.
This Board has the control over all the CBSE Private and Public Schools all over India. There are State Boards of Education following their curricula in High Schools, whereas CBSE follows the same Syllabus in all the Schools in India, without exception.
In the same way, CBSE conducts Public Examinations for Secondary and Senior Secondary Courses every Academic Year, usually in March, and the results are announced in May. The dates of Exams result declared by CBSE are applicable to all Schools following CBSE Syllabus.
Since the Standard of Education offered by CBSE equals to world-standards, the Secondary and Senior Secondary School Certificates obtained by a Student are considered very valuable and meritorious all over India.

Future of students failed in schools


cbse full form

The Indian School System follows some strict rules, whereby Students failing in the lower Classes like 9th Standard or 11th Standard are sent out from the School-life entirely and are denied their legitimate chance to pass School Final Courses.
Who will help these unfortunate Students, wipe out their tears and instill confidence in their mind that they can also Pass School Final Exams like other Students? CBSE Private Admission is the option for this. Here CBSE Board does this yeomen service and retrieves the dejected and vexed Students from darkness and lit the light in their life forever.
The path KSC Patrachar Vidyalaya chooses for rendering this great help to failed students as we guide and help students according to the Cbse rules & regulations for students failed in class 9th or 11th from schools for Direct Admission in Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in School Final Courses for 10th and 12th. Provides these unlucky Students all the guidance and assistance; admits them finishing the Admission formalities; and also offers Special CBSE Classes Coaching to sharpen their skills and, make them Pass!

CBSE and its functions

Direct Admission facility by CBSE

CBSE has a distinct advantage offered to Students failed in 8th Class or 9th Standard to join 10th Standard directly; similarly 11th Standard failed Students, and those Passed in 10th Standard can join 12th Standard directly.
This facility is unique for CBSE Board and gives extreme happiness to those getting worried, by their being denied the chance to complete School Final, in any other Schools in India.
So using this Direct Admission facility provided by CBSE BOARD, Our CBSE Open School helps guides and provide information to failed Students, to join School Life once again through CBSE Board Schools, and enables them Pass & get the valuable Secondary and Senior Secondary School Certificates in the following three ways:

1.Patrachar Vidyalaya admission

Within the Union Territory of Delhi, CBSE conducts Patrachar Vidyalaya Schools. In these Schools, Students living in and around Delhi/NCR who have failed in 9th Standard or 11th Standard can get DIRECT ADMISSION, as Private Candidates in 10th Standard and 12th Standard, as per their eligibility.

2.CBSE Correspondence Admission


full form cbse

Such of those failed Students, School drop outs and those who are employed somewhere and don’t have time to join Regular Schooling can get DIRECT ADMISSION Online through CBSE Correspondence Course of CBSE Board, in 10th and 12th Standards to study, write exams, Pass and achieve School Final Certificates.

3.CBSE Improvement Exam Admission

Students who have already Passed 10th Standard or 12th Standard Board Exams, but wish their Marks to get enhanced by writing Exam once again, can join CBSE Improvement Exam Admission to write the Board Exams as Private Candidates once again, to get enhanced Marks.
All the above Students can approach Kapoor Study Circle for appropriate help, support, assistance and guidance to fulfill their respective ambitions in life.
In addition to the above School level Courses, CBSE also conducts the following Exams:
a) IIT JEE Exam: This is the Joint Entrance Exam for selecting Students for admission in Indian Institute of Technology, located in various cities of India.
b) CBSE CTET Exam: This Exam is conducted by CBSE for selecting Primary Teachers through Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) as per the guidance of National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE). These Teachers can teach Students from 1st to 8th Class.
c) NEET Exam: This National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) Exam is conducted by CBSE for selection of Candidates for admission in MBBS/BDS Courses in all the Medical Colleges in India.
d) NET Exam: This University Grants Commission (UGS) conducts through CBSE this UGC NET Exam for selecting Assistant Professors in Indian Universities and Colleges.

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