Courses for 10th fail, 12th fail students 2024-2025

Courses for 10th fail, 12th fail students for CBSE Board admission


courses for 10th 12th fail

Courses for 10th fail 12th fail students – Regular school studies and passing Secondary and Senior Secondary Courses are certain milestones in everyone’s life. Only those who complete these courses successfully can select their future career, the way they wanted it to be. It may be anything from pursuing studies in Colleges and Universities, diversifying in Technical Education Courses, or seeking suitable employment at best.
Thinking of it, there are millions of unfortunate students who stumble upon hurdles in their High-school studies. The landmark courses of 10th Class and 12th Class become their unfulfilled dreams, if and when they are 10th fail or 12th fail in Board exams.

They are denied the opportunity to study for higher courses, because of their failure. The plight of these students become miserable, as their dreams, along with that of their parents get tarnished. Therefore They leave the school and become dropped-out students, losing respect in the society.
But these unlucky students need not worry anymore. In this Internet Age, there are assuaging alternative avenues available for them, to study once again in school; sharpen their skills; and face the 10th Class and 12th Class Exams boldly with self-confidence, and Pass with high marks. KSC CBSE Open School in Delhi helps these students to take once again direct admission in class 10th and 12th in CBSE board and provide new life to these stranded students.

Know more about CBSE board

CBSE CENTRAL BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION is the authority, which controls High-school education in all the Central Government Schools in India. Their experts devise the Syllabus, conducts annual exams for CBSE class 10 and CBSE class 12, and grant Secondary and Senior Secondary Certificates.
Apart from students studying in Government Schools elsewhere, the CBSE board also carries out CBSE admission online, for the benefit of students, who want to undergo education away from the formal schooling.
As a result This opens up ways for even failed students from regular schools to get Direct Admission to CBSE class 10 or CBSE class 12. Thus they get new hope, revive their school-life once again work hard and pass the cbse 12th exam or 10th exam, to pursue the desired means for their future.

Know more about Kapoor Study Circle

While there are so many educational institutions, which selectively pick-up bright students through Interview, educate them and brag about 100% results, Kapoor Study Circle acts in an entirely different way. This Institution has been concentrating on helping failed and school-dropout students from High-school studies; admits them in CBSE board courses of CBSE class 10 and CBSE class 12, using the different channels available for CBSE admission.
Also, they employ experienced expert teachers, to sharpen the skills of failed students and make them Bright Students, with complete self-confidence to face CBSE 10 and CBSE 12th exams and pass with excellent marks.

List of Courses for 10th fail, 12th fail students – Different schemes for helping fail students by Kapoor Study Circle


10th 12th fail courses

CBSE Private Admission

Students failed in 8th or 9th Class; school drop-outs from these Classes; 10th Class failed from any High-school can get Direct Admission online as Private Candidate in CBSE class 10.
Also students failed in 11th Class; passed in 10th Class one year earlier, and those failed in 12th Class from any school can get Direct Admission online as Private Candidate in CBSE class 12.

Also, the 10th fail students or 12th fail students can also apply for CBSE Private admission for 10th and 12th once again.

CBSE Open Admission

Failed students in 8th or 9th Class can take Open Admission online in CBSE class 10. Failed students in 11th grade and passed students in 10th level one year back can take Open Admission online in CBSE class 12. Here also the 10th or 12th fail students can once again apply for re exam admission.

CBSE Patrachar Vidyalaya Admission

Only Delhi-based students who have failed in 9th Class; passed in 8th Class one year before; and school-dropouts from these Classes can be admitted as CBSE Patrachar Vidyalaya students online in CBSE class 10.
Similarly, students failed in 11th Class or passed 10th Class one year before can get admitted as CBSE Patrachar Vidyalaya students online in CBSE class 12.

CBSE Correspondence Admission

Working persons who are unable to attend regular schooling; students failed in 9th Class can get CBSE Correspondence Admission in CBSE class 10; those failed in 11th Class or school dropouts from that Class can get CBSE Correspondence Admission in CBSE class 10th or class 12th

What kind of facilities Kapoor Study Circle has?

In respect of all the above CBSE board courses, in addition to helping the failed students to complete online Admission formalities, Kapoor Study Circle renders further support as follows:
Individual Coaching and CBSE online classes at Study Centers, Delhi
Expert experienced Teachers
Convenient Class timings
Personal attention and training the students to acquire full knowledge in every subject, thoroughly without doubts.
Special notes; guides; tips; previous question papers and answers are all supplied for students to get practice of answering questions through Mock-tests.
Thus failed High-school students can pass now easily and get Certificates happily!
You can also help failed students, Also if you are a neighbor, friend or relative of such students, by informing them to contact Kapoor Study Circle online!

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