How 10th Fail Students can Pass 10th Exam in Same Year 2024?

What Should the Students do if they fail in class 10th?

These students have no choice except to repeat the same class and wait for one year for the next board exams. But now there are some choices available for students to pass the 10th board exam within the same year – Nios admission for 10th failed students.

The importance of Passing 10th Class – Secondary School Leaving Certificate Course – in a student’s life needs no elaboration. This is a stepping stone for the entire future of the student concerned. If a person is to be respected in the society as educated, the minimum qualification is 10th pass certificate.

Besides, every student has many dreams in life. The commonly common aspiration of the student, as well as their parents, is that the person should get maximum qualification by studying well, so that he or she can set-up their future career, to earn the decent income and live happily forever.

Unless the student passes the first milestone of 10th Class, all the above dreams are coming to a sad end. Our School System has the stipulation that students failing in the Public Examination held by State or Central Boards of Education annually – even if the failure is in one or two subjects – the student has to close their school-life entirely.

They will not be permitted to study in 10th Class again in any school, and have to leave with a Fail Certificate.

This was the prevailing situation till the Internet facility came into vogue. Once the Internet Technology was introduced, many things changed in life upside down. The impact was felt in all the fields. The Education Field is no exception.

National Institute of Open Schooling – Nios admission makes it possible to Pass Class 10th in 2024

The concept of open schooling conducted by “national institute of open schooling” is made possible, as well as the valuable service of Kapoor Study Circle in helping 10th Class failed students to Pass happily, reappearing in the exam once again. Let us see in more details:

10th Fail Student
National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) is formed under the Human Resources Ministry, to take the Education opportunities to the masses, particularly the unlucky students who failed in lower classes, school-dropouts and those who want to get education side-by-side, while employed somewhere.

In many countries, efforts for educating a student are encouraged in many ways. First of all the children are taken at the very tender-age for learning purposes. “Play-schools” are everywhere that train kids to the habit of learning and playing clubbed together, along with other kids.

From then on, students enjoy more freedom and are permitted numerous choices that are wide open, to learn and acquire the needed education. Open schooling is a concept that the student is at complete liberty, not to get confined into a regular and formal school system, and can appear for School Examinations as Private Candidates from outside.

By virtue of the opportunities offered to failed students through Nios open schooling concept, Kapoor Study Circle, an Educational Institution at Delhi, founded in 1987, has helped thousands of students to fulfill their objective of passing School Final Examinations; and obtaining the meritorious Secondary and Senior Secondary Certificates.

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Failed In Class 10th
The primary objective of Kapoor Study Circle is to help failed High-School students in lower classes, to Pass in 10th Class and 12th Class and thereby obtain valuable Certificates, for furthering their life.

For this purpose, there are many schemes run by the NIOS Board & CBSE Board using the educational channels of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE); NIOS and Patrachar Vidyalaya – (exclusively for Delhi-based students.)

In NIOS admissions alone, the different choices Stream -1, 2, 3 and 4 for the benefit of failed and school-dropout students. Under Stream-1 failed students in 8th or 9th can Pass 10th; 11th failed, and 10th Passed before one year can join 12th Class.

Specifically, Stream-2 is meant for those students, who failed 10th Class and 12th Class earlier. These students can get Direct Admission Online under nios open schooling in 10th Class (or 12th Class as the case may be) and can reappear in Public Exam to get Pass.

If any student approaches Kapoor Study Circle, to get benefited by this Nios open schooling admission, the professionals take them into their care. They do everything for the student to fill-up Online Application; attach documentary proofs required; submit and get Admit Card and Hall Ticket for the students.

The Most-important Help, the students, get:

Once the Admission formalities are completed, the failed students in 10th Class (or 12th Class) are taken for SPECIAL COACHING CLASSES. This is to sharpen their skills in the subjects, clarify their doubts and confusions in the lessons; and equip them with more knowledge to face the exam boldly this time, to Pass with excellent Marks.

In their Study Centers at Delhi, Kapoor Study Circle’s expert teachers do everything with Nios online classes , to make the student tactful in answering the questions suitable for high marks. Old question papers and answers are used to get them practice in writing Mock-tests often.

Another advantage in Nios open schooling admission under Stream-2 is the students can avail Transfer of Credit (TOC) facility, whereby the best marks obtained by them earlier in 2 subjects can get transferred in the new Certificate.

The students can also choose the subjects in the new 10th Class Course, as per the advice of Kapoor Study Circle.