CBSE 10th fail, CBSE 12th fail students Pass 10th, 12th in 2023

CBSE 10th fail CBSE 12th fail  – Pass 10th 12th Exams in 2023

The Importance of School Education for CBSE 10th fail CBSE 12th fail 

Commanding respect in social circles is possible only by educating the child well and settling him or her in the high position of the social ladder. The school life of the kid starts from play school at the age of 2 or 3.
When the kid is enrolled in the primary school, to study in classes from 1st Standard to 5th Standard, and after that when the child goes to High School and gets promoted automatically from 6th Standard up to 9th Standard, the parents do not pay much attention about the progress of their children.
The real test starts when the student enters 10th Standard, the Secondary School Level, where the need to face the Public Exam arises. So far the student did not feel the burden of studying subjects in-depth. Only when the pressure to get Pass Marks in all the papers looms large in their mind, they become scary.
With this fear and confusion, most students fail in 10th Standard and Called 10th fail.


cbse 10th fail, cbse 12th fail admission

CBSE 10th fail, CBSE 12th Fail – The Drawbacks of School Education Results

Indian schooling system came into being right from the British Rule. Students in any class are expected to study the given lessons and reproduce whatever they have examined, in the examination to get marks. There is no scope for creative thinking or answering the questions on their own.
Secondly, there are always significant crowds in each Class, whereby individual attention becomes impossible. The student has no scope to understand the lessons or raise doubts in the classrooms. The bulk-pass system up to 9th Standard also blunts the enthusiasm of the students, from getting in-depth knowledge in the studied subjects.

What if a student fails in 10th Class CBSE or 12th class CBSE at School-level?

In all the Government Board Schools and Private Schools in India, failing either in 9th Standard or 11th Standard makes the entire school-life of the student coming to an end entirely. There is no second chance for the student, and they have to leave the school with a Transfer Certificate and Fail Certificate or continue in the same class for one more year in same school. These students are advised to take direct admission in class 10th or 12th From NIOS (National institute of open schooling) or CBSE Private Admission and save their precious one year.
Students failed in 10th or 12th Standard Board exams cannot go for higher studies as the pass certificate is required. These students virtually plunge into darkness with fear about their future. Utmost grief, depression and untold mental agony engulf their mind; and they find their self-esteem at the lowest ebb.
These students instead of wasting year can take direct admission in NIOS STREAM-2 FOR BOARD FAILED STUDENTS in failed subjects only and can pass 10th or 12th in the same year. Every student is advised to opt this as The Fail-Certificate is carried as a negative-identification, wherever the student goes and tries to enter some technical education or employment.

10th fail-12th-fail-admission-CBSE-Nios

10th fail, 12th fail admission CBSE, Nios

How CBSE 10th fail, CBSE 12th fail  Students can Pass exam in 2023 to overcoming the drawbacks of School and failures?

KSC Patrachar School is an Educational Institution, established in 1987, with the sole objective of helping these, unfortunately, 10th fail and 12th fail in School Final Level. They provide a new ray of hope for these dejected students that nothing is lost, and the students can very well get-back into their school-life once again.
Towards this objective, Kapoor Study Circle selects the beneficial schemes of alternative and second choice for studying 10th or 12th Standard, once again by helping & guiding students for admission in NIOS National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS).

All the above this Education Board offer the second chance for failed students, by Direct Admission through Online in 10th and 12th class, as Nios Student to study, appear for respective Public Exam and Pass Secondary and Senior Secondary Courses, happily. Kapoor Study Circle helps the failed students get National Open school Admission for class 10th or 12th; completes the necessary formalities and receives the Admit Card.
Side by side coaching classes are provided to the failed students intensively in their Study Centers at Delhi. The study classes are conveniently conducted at the preferred timings by the students, every day and weekends. Expert and experienced Teachers hold Classes to impart “individual attention and education” in each subject.

Help the students with the systematic study; previous question papers and answers; mock-tests and make them Bright Students! This way every 10th fail or 12th fail student gets Sure Pass by 10th or 12th class.
From then on they can start a new life as they wanted, as any rational person would do!

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